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From our very latest research, here's all the insight you need on the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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2018 World Cup: Three Tips for Marketers to Drive Engagement

by GlobalWebIndex

Our latest research shows over half of internet users globally will be following or watching the World Cup. So what steps can brands and marketers take to secure a victory?... Read More


The Media Trends Defining the World Cup, in 5 Charts

by Digiday

As people increasingly watch sports on different platforms, advertisers must scrap the traditional ways of winning their attention... Read More


#Goal! How Fans Around the World Will Watch, Follow and Stream the World Cup

by eMarketer

Echoing similar trends on both a global and regional level, a Q4 2017 survey conducted by GlobalWebIndex found that 39% of internet users around the world watch sports digitally... Read More


World Cup Sponsorship, The Wasted Budget That Can Only Backfire

by MediaPost

This is where GlobalWebIndex's latest piece of research is very useful. After you've ploughed through the fun stats -- such as that 16% of England fans think we can win it (early signs of delusion, surely), you get to the crunch... Read More


4 Insights into World Cup Fans Every Marketer Should Know

by GlobalWebIndex

From our latest research, here are the top four insights into this cohort that every marketer should know... Read More


Almost Half the World's Online Population Plans to Tune into the World Cup, Finds Survey

by The Drum

Almost half the world's online population plans to tune into the Fifa World Cup in Russia according to research from GlobalWebIndex... Read More

Social is Social, Messaging is Personal, Right?

by MediaPost

Another World Cup will mean another bout of the top sponsors pushing their message out there with fully endorsed references to the tournament and logos included. Likewise, challengers will be associating their brand with football, or soccer, before and during the tournament. How should they do it? Read More

WhatsApp, FB Messenger Drive World Cup Audience

by Advanced Television

A global survey of over 80,000 Internet users by GlobalWebIndex  reveals that Latin American digital consumers are the most likely to be watching the FIFA World Cup, where 65 per cent of Internet users  will be tuning in online and on TV Read More