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Recorded: April 24, 2020

Duration: 55 minutes

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Virna Sekuj

Strategic Insight Manager

Katie Gilsenan

Consumer Insights Manager

Businesses and healthcare professionals around the world are facing unparalleled challenges. In most people's lifetimes, we’ve never experienced a health crisis like COVID-19 – it's left nothing untouched, no matter who you are or where you’re from.

Understandably, the current global health crisis is having a significant impact on consumers’ mental and physical wellbeing. In this webinar we dig deeper into these important areas, looking at the effect the crisis is having on health. What are consumers doing to look after themselves during this time?

We’ll also cover the potential of digital health technologies, like telemedicine and wearable technology, during a crisis like COVID-19.

What's in this webinar?

We discuss key findings from our survey in the U.S. and UK, including:

  • To what extent has consumers’ mental health been affected? 
  • Which groups or institutions do consumers look to for mental health support?
  • What health and fitness activities have consumers started doing?
  • After the outbreak ends, what health behaviors do consumers intend to continue?
  • How do consumers feel about digital vs. face-to-face health appointments?

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