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Recorded: April 17, 2020

Duration: 45 minutes

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Chris Beer

Senior Trends Analyst

Virna Sekuj

Strategic Insight Manager

Consumers aren’t the only ones being dramatically impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses of every shape and size have had to completely transform the way they work, shifting their entire workplace to remote environments. So how is this unprecedented change affecting professionals globally?

Rapid change can provoke unexpected working patterns and new forms of communication. How do workers feel about the changes? Are there positive outcomes to know?

We navigate the differences across the U.S. and UK, to explore the ways in which working life is changing - and how to make sense of this for your business.

What's in this webinar?

We'll discuss our survey of people currently working full time and those not working in the U.S. and UK, to uncover changes in behaviors and opinions, including:

  • How are professionals responding to the outbreak?
  • How many are now working from home?
  • What tools are they relying on most?
  • How are they keeping themselves motivated?
  • Are they getting the right support from their employers?

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