Recorded: September 1, 2020

Duration: 45 minutes

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Doug Gorman

Trends Analyst

Virna Sekuj

Strategic Insight Manager

America’s changing - fast. And the rulebook needs an update. While digital disruption continues, race discussions and political tension have set a new tone.

This all adds up to a potential threat to brands: irrelevance. How can you make sure you’re speaking to your customer in the right way?

Watch our webinar on the changing American consumer, looking at brand new insight into multicultural difference, and examining patterns across the issues.

What's in this webinar?

We discuss essential new insight, and show you the sentiments to know - exploring the best ways to shape a conversation with your customers.

With focus on what drives consumers, you’ll see fresh perspectives on:

  • Levels of trust in brands and the media.
  • How consumers feel about issues, politics, and identity.
  • The importance of multi-dimensional analysis.
  • Key stats to know on consumer motivations.

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