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Our study provides the answers you need right now

Ask the right questions

Ask the right questions

Get insight into what’s big at the moment – from podcasting and flexitarianism to the gig economy

See more of your audience

See more of your audience

Dig into a sample three times the size of most, surveying every single facet of their lives

React when it counts

React when it counts

Analyze new data every single quarter and act faster using over 30,000 audience attributes

Focus on motivations

Focus on motivations

Know what your audience values with insight into cultural identity, fears, aspirations and more

Is your data fresh enough

Is your data fresh enough?

Is your data fresh enough

American society, like many others, is facing a new reality. As a researcher, you need to know what this means for your brand. With faster turnarounds, bigger samples and answers on the questions rarely asked, this survey was created to reflect the new America. The diverse, ever-changing America of now.


Do you really get your consumers?


Oscar Wilde said “the answers are all out there, we just need to ask the right questions.” With over 600 psychographic data points – unearthed through questions not typically asked – you can better understand the consumer mindset. Explore their interests and attitudes, hopes and aspirations, fears and worries, the qualities they value most from brands, and the factors that really influence them to buy.

Are you talking about what matters

Are you talking about what matters?

Are you talking about what matters

Brands need to understand what people care about. This new study tracks (in detail) the most current and fast-moving issues that really matter to Americans. Featuring a whole host of questions around the role race and ethnicity plays in the lives of consumers, explore what it really means to be Hispanic, African American, Asian American and more in today’s society.

Size counts when it comes to your sample

The numbers that make a difference to you



Compare U.S. markets or deep-dive into your local audiences



Access an annual sample size three times larger than most



Profile your unique audiences aged 16+ for deep, actionable insights



Explore perceptions and engagement among America’s leading brands

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