From social media marketing strategy ideas to data on influencers and stories, our flagship report brings you bang up to date with a complete picture of social media use and trends.

Be an authority on social media for marketing.

With the latest consumer statistics for the biggest social media platforms, gain an advanced knowledge of the newest ways it’s used and why.

Form new ideas about reaching consumers on social media.

Go from insight to inspiration with our focus on trends in action. Access all the stats that matter in easy to read charts and visuals and get to the truth quickly.

Support your data-centric strategy.

Go further with your marketing, incorporating the freshest insight on evolving social media use into your planning. Reach the digital consumer effectively, on their terms.

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What's inside the report?

Discover key global insights into social media use and engagement, including:

  • Time spent on social platforms by market.
  • Multi-network use by market.
  • The latest insights on 'dark social'.
  • Reasons for using social networks by market.
  • Purchase journey insights across social channels.
  • The current impact of influencers.
  • Key trends to watch next year in social media.  


With additional reporting on the context of social media in users' lives, there's no better way to gain a complete picture.

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