Working smarter: the independent agency guide

Today, every agency claims to be data-driven. To really stand out, independent agencies need to go further - by working smarter.

This guide gives independent agencies the marketing strategy tools they need to work quicker with insight, enabling team members to amplify their success, and proving their endless value to brands.

Learn how an independent agency can effectively traverse the digital marketing, social media, and content marketing landscapes by leveraging in-house data and experience to improve their marketing efforts.

What's in the guide?

Here, we show how others have succeeded by placing a renewed importance on the consumer and target audience. With case studies, and simple steps to strategy, we explore the most innovative ways independent agencies are reaching award-winning new heights.

Download it now to find out:

  • How do indies work smarter with the resources they have?
  • What should teams focus on for efficient consumer targeting?
  • How do you get the edge when pitching for new business?