Engagement with video on social media

Want to engage consumers on social media, but not sure where to start?

Having a clear picture of what social media users respond to is crucial. Our infographic explains the importance of key platforms for users in global regions.

What's in the infographic?

Get a snapshot of how consumers engage with influencers, sports, and news video on social media. Explore the reach of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter - and see how they share common audiences.

We dive into key statistics on social media’s influence on the purchase journey to fuel your strategy. Refresh your knowledge with insights including:

  • Which celebrity influencers make an impact in each region? 
  • How do consumers engage with news media?
  • What impact do video bloggers have on the purchase journey?
  • How do Facebook and Twitter compare in LatAm, MEA, Europe, APAC and North America?