Make your website analytics an exact science

Want to go beyond traditional analytics? Connect your website visitors’ behaviors to the world’s largest panel of digital consumers to get a deeper understanding of who they are and what they want.

Move past behaviors

Get to know the consumers interacting with your brand. Using over 40,000 known-truth data points, you can profile engaged audiences in granular detail to tailor the user experience, ensure your content meets expectations, and prove the value of your audience to advertisers.

Track people, not devices

Use our innovative tagging technology to tracks consumers’ movements precisely, across devices, channels and platforms. Then connect these behaviors to our existing data sets for a more wholesome view. With all behaviors and survey responses tied to real people, cookie deletion and device changes don’t pose an obstacle.

Have complete visibility

Get not only next-level analytics offering unique insight into consumer behaviors and perceptions, but fine-tuned first-party data, collected through our tagging technology. Our platform gives you access to all data, along with total capability to draw tailored conclusions from it, giving you a complete view of the metrics and results that matter to you.

Quantify your true campaign success

Stop relying on guesswork or assumption and get a reliable measure of your campaigns using a robust methodology, trusted by the world’s leading brands. Know what worked and why to gain a deeper understanding of your success, and identify the gaps to fill. With all the information you need in one platform, you can move forward with confidence.

GWIQ website analytics

How we do it

GWIQ Analytics connects your campaigns and web properties with the consumers you’re targeting. Our innovative solution tracks real people across devices and puts their actions in context, leveraging the world’s largest survey on the digital consumer. Using our unique technology, you get everything you need to analyze your performance, in one place.


17m panelists


40,000+ data points


46 countries

How Tequila Avion boosted campaign efficiency by 30%

That ability to go end to end is one of the reasons we love partnering with GlobalWebIndex.

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