Validate your target audience

Are your ads reaching the right people? Our technology helps you minimize wasted spend and reach your intended audience in the most accurate way possible.

Prove your impact

Uncover the accuracy of your campaign delivery and targeting using a fully opted-in, global panel of 17m consumers. Bolster your audience intelligence by analyzing 40,000 known truth data points to determine the behaviors and perceptions of the people you’re reaching.

Justify your planning

Know where to focus your spend and attention with insight that tells you where your consumers are, and what they want. Get more visibility by connecting your strategic planning to your campaign measurement in a single platform.

Improve your targeting

Go far beyond basic demographic data, profiling your target consumers in granular detail. Match their behaviors to in-depth survey data spanning across 46 countries, analyzing their perceptions, attitudes, interests and preferences.

Create data-driven campaigns

Use one audience model for an end-to-end campaign solution that gets you results. Profile an exact replica of your target audience to ensure your branded content and messaging is on point, and analyze your data by vendor, placement, creative and more, with campaign tracking that starts from just 300,000 impressions.


How we do it

Our next-level analytics helps you understand how your marketing is making a difference to your brand, and where your potential lies. Connecting the world’s largest panel of digital consumers with advanced tagging technology, you can go far beyond age and gender, profiling your consumers across all digital media, with first-party, psychographic data you can trust.


17m panelists


40,000 data points


46 countries

How Tequila Avión boosted campaign efficiency by 30%

That ability to go end to end is one of the reasons we love partnering with GlobalWebIndex.

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