Measure your advertising effectiveness

Are your campaigns having the right impact on your target audience? Our ad effectiveness solution gives you a 360-degree view of your advertising, ensuring you’re getting the results you want.

Assess your reach

Understand the exposure of your campaigns using our global panel of 17m consumers, and get  a true view of your reach. Matching tracked exposure to your campaigns with our panelists, we can quantify the absolute number of consumers that have been influenced.

Determine your impact

Find out how your online advertising is impacting perceptions of your brand. Using a control versus exposed methodology, we measure differences in opinion to uncover hard metrics on brand lift. This way, you can assess how your ads are performing, directly from the consumers you’re targeting.  

Get more revealing insight

The global scale of our panel, along with the breadth and depth of our active data collection, provides unparalleled robustness and insight. Paired with our advanced analytics, this combination of active and passive measurement gives you end to end insight into both your consumers and your brand.

Visualize your data in one platform

Get complete flexibility to analyze the results of your bespoke studies, and customize your view to your needs through our simple analysis platform. With access to clear, beautiful visualizations in one place, you can get a quick overview of your performance, or dive deeper for more.


How we do it

Our innovative solution helps you make sense of connected interactions with your audience. By combining our analytics technology stack with the world’s largest survey on the digital consumer, we can quantify your reach across audience segments, identify any gaps in your digital marketing strategy, and uncover your true potential.


17m panelists


40,000 data points


46 countries

How Tequila Avion boosted campaign efficiency by 30%

That ability to go end to end is one of the reasons we love partnering with GlobalWebIndex.

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