GWIQ Analytics

Take the guesswork out of your marketing. Our next-generation profiling tool goes beyond analytics to give you the most complete picture of your audience. Plan strategically, measure effectively and get the most from your marketing investment.


Take tracking to the next level

Explore your audience’s behaviors across time, location, devices and platforms with complete accuracy


Create campaigns that work

Survey our panelists to evaluate the impact of your advertising and produce stronger campaigns


Target with total precision

Be sure you’re reaching your specific audience segments and perfect your media-buying strategy


Get to know your users

Profile your visitors with deep website analytics and discover new high-value audiences to target


Validate your targeting 

Find the most effective way to reach your target audience. Go far beyond demographics and validate your targeting using declared data across 40,000 data points

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Measure your advertising effectiveness

Understand how your digital campaigns are making a difference to your brand. Leverage rich surveys, passive measurement and the world’s largest panel of consumers

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Profile your website visitors

Start profiling the users engaging with your brand to get to know them better. Tag your sites and campaigns to get a complete view of who they are and what defines them

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Get ahead of the game with next level analytics 

  • Make informed decisions and protect your ROI
  • Integrate it with our platform so it’s simple to use
  • Get greater accuracy than relying solely on analytics
  • Use tracking technology that’s easy to implement

Trusted by the world’s leading marketers

It’s one of the best digital data sources available.
Keagan Rogers, Digital Lead at MediaCom South Africa
This data gives our clients the answers that no one else is able to provide.
Jackie Lundblad, Head of International Insights at BuzzFeed