Data Packs

GlobalWebIndex offers access to over 180,000 data packs, which span the entire breadth and depth of our data set.

Containing extensive raw data and pre-formatted charts and graphs – segmented by demographics such as age, gender and income – data packs are a quick way to get the statistics you need.

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All Categories

Data packs cover every data point in our core study, so you can get statistics you need about commerce behaviors, social media engagement and more in a quick and easy format.

All Countries

All 34 countries are covered - download single market data packs for more detail, or global/regional data packs to view country comparisons side by side.

Raw Data & Charts

Data packs are Excel spreadsheets containing various tabs with raw data and pre-formatted charts, for easy copying and pasting into presentations and emails.

Discover market data, landscape trends and key behavioral insights

Pre-Formatted Charts & Raw Data

GlobalWebIndex Data Packs are Excel spreadsheets containing a number of charts, as well as tabs of raw data for you to create your own insights and graphs.

They cover the entire breadth and depth of our data set, numbering more than 180,000 in total. The data is segmented by key demographic attributes, such as age, gender, income, final education status and children in the household.

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Discover Trends

Discover trends going back to 2009, such as adoption of social platforms, motivations for using the internet, content consumption, sharing habits and more.

Segment By Demographics

Segment the data by demographic attributes, understanding key differences in consumer groups' behaviors and attitudes.

Use Pre-Formatted Charts

Copy and paste beautifully-formatted charts and graphs into emails and presentations. Edit the data points to communicate the message most suitable for your client or project.

Visualize the data and create your own charts

Custom Charts At The Click Of A Button

While data packs come with a number of pre-formatted charts and graphs, the real value is in custom-created charts.

Select rows and columns or individual cells from the raw data tabs, and create charts directly in the data pack at the click of a button. Copy and paste into emails, blog posts and presentations.

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Over 180,000 data packs from all categories:

  Personal Profiling

  Internet Landscape

  Social Media Engagement


  PC / Laptop




  Media Consumption

  Marketing Implications




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