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Make more informed decisions with customized insight, powered by the world’s largest survey on the digital consumer.


Get deeper insight, fast

Uncover the answers you need, as and when you need them, with fast-turnaround custom research, asking our panel of 17 million consumers.


Power more strategic thinking

Benefit from more than just the data, with an analytic process tailored to you and bespoke reports that address your business needs.


Be inspired

Harness a deep market and customer understanding from a combination of our core survey and your custom studies in the platform.


Build on unparalleled depth

Get instant access to your research through our intuitive platform, and combine it with 40,000 existing data points for deeper analysis.

Our data, in numbers


17m panelists


46 countries


40,000 data points

Get complete support across the marketing and product lifecycle

Understand usage and attitudes within your product categories

Capitalize on the world’s largest study on the digital consumer to truly understand your target consumers. Identify your audience and probe further for unrivalled insight into how they perceive, purchase and use your products and services.

Segment your target market

Develop an actionable, future-proofed segmentation that’s tailored to your business. Build on our extensive data set with your own custom study. Your segments can be continuously analyzed, easily refreshed and targeted for bespoke research.

Test and develop new concepts

Make sure the concept you’re developing will have the impact you want. Test your ideas among your target consumers, optimize your positioning and identify any barriers to uptake to get realistic adoption figures.

Analyze the purchase journey

Discover recent buyers within our main data set, along with the attitudes and behaviors that define them. Dig into the purchase journey to uncover the influence of each touchpoint and identify those worth tapping into, understanding how to engage your target at each and every stage.

Evaluate your advertising effectiveness

Quantify the effectiveness of your cross-platform campaigns and sponsorship initiatives by analyzing online reach and impact across key brand metrics. Know the return on investment and accuracy of your targeting on campaigns of any size, global or local.

Measure the performance of your brand

Identify how to improve your brand positioning by understanding the emotional and conceptual associations consumers have with your brand and products. Put your performance in context with data on over 3,000 leading brands across 30 industry verticals.


Meet your analysts

Our dedicated team of expert analysts work hard to get you the insights you need, and deliver them in a way that works for you.

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