A leading provider of location data around the world, Blis is a company that's no stranger to success, working with an array of global brands including Unilever, Volkswagen and Asics. 

Seizing the opportunity to expand, the team set their sights on new markets further afield. But to tap into these markets, they needed access to deeper insight that helped them understand the opportunities within.

What's in the case study?

Blis is a brand that understands the value of knowing your audience. But there was something missing; they could see where people were going, but not why they were doing it. 

Here, we examine how they used GlobalWebIndex to quantify common sense, adding the ‘why’ to the ‘where’ to create a more consumer-centric view. 

  • Created a unique proposition by combining data sets.
  • Gained in-depth insight into previously untapped markets to target.
  • Strengthened client relationships by giving them more.


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