Work data

Today's workplace is nothing like it once was. Digital tools have transformed the space, making it more global and flexible than ever. Our latest data set is the first of its kind, offering unique insight into professional attitudes, perceptions and behaviors around the world.

Look closer at today’s professionals


Identify your buyers

Find out who manages the budget and who influences buying decisions


Map the journey

From discovery to purchase, track the steps they take and why


See how they think

Analyze their behaviors, attitudes and perceptions at the workplace


Know the tools that matter

From Google to Salesforce, find out what software defines the modern workplace

Our data, in numbers


17,000 respondents


10 markets


90+ SaaS brands

Shape your strategy with a single source of insight

Sales and market data only tell part of the story. Combine primary B2B research with our core data for insight that tells you exactly how to get your targeting on point.

  • Communications planning
  • Purchase journey mapping
  • Workforce planning

  • Market sizing
  • Brand health
  • Industry benchmarking

Add workplace data to your research stack

Get access to the latest B2B research without introducing another tool. Add it to your core data to work in complete harmony with your day-to-day profiling and get a deeper understanding of your professional audiences.

  • Become an expert on your B2B prospects.
  • Tailor your message to your buyers for the best return.
  • Get smarter with your spend by investing in the right channels.

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